Worldwide Zoo pushes the boundaries of their craft, performance after performance, constantly finding fresh and appealing ways to speak to their fans. Very few instrumental groups have been able to channel so much musical variety into one definable sound and style that feels this good. Keyboardist Michael Zabrek, bassist Santiago Rodriguez, and drummer Jason Stander work together freely with almost telepathic precision and child-like imagination as they groove, swing, sizzle, and jive their way into your mind and soul.

"This trio has developed a musical bond,
which allows them to effortlessly improvise during
their live performances"
            -Lagniappe Magazine - Mobile, AL

"Highly recommended"

"Fusing elements of jazz, funk,
jam oriented rock and what
we will simply call experimental,
local organ trio Worldwide Zoo
offer forward-thinking sonic
explorations that mesmerize....
WZ plays with a sense of
purpose, taking the listener
around unexpected turns that
prove both surprising and
-Creative Loafing Magazine

"Attention-grabbing, jazzy-funky
and eclectic as all get out,
Worldwide Zoo doesn't cage up
its creative beasts, it loads 'em
up on a party-cruise ark and
floats them ingeniously into your
-Tampa Bay Times/St. Pete

Worldwide Zoo's "Live On The Air" Now Available As FREE Download!

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